Worship Planning

This page contains helpful links for those who are involved in the preparation of worship, particularly for the Contemporary Service.

Rosters for the contemporary service, and the preaching plan (which includes the Bible readings set for each week) are below:

Preaching plan July – Oct 2020

Contemporary roster July – Oct 2020

Traditional Service Bible Reading Roster 2020

Bible readings – Revised Common Lectionary

The link below leads to our shared dropbox for Lectionary resources. This link is only available for those who are members of that shared dropbox.

HSUC Lectionary Dropbox

Some of the songs that we’ve sung most recently are listed below. These lists are not exhaustive, and are a snapshot up to August 2018. The idea of these lists is to prompt other ideas! There are more up-to-date lists and a few other categories in the excel file in the CONTEMPORARY drop-box.

Songs – gathering and praise

Songs – children

Songs – reflecting and responding

Songs – going out


More generally, for those who are helping to plan worship, the following sites might help:

www.biblegateway.com – This is a useful link for bible readings in different versions.

worshipingwithchildren.blogspot.com.au – Wonderful resources for worship with children, by Carolyn Brown, with a Scripture index which can be very useful.

www.sermons4kids.com – This website is a useful tool for worship planning – particularly around childrens activities.

www.thebricktestament.com – This website has most of the Biblical stories done in lego. From Genesis to the teachings of Jesus, they are presented by lego and the story is listed as well. Worth a good look.

www.australianscreen.com.au – Access to short clips from most Australian movies. You can type in a particular movie to find a particular clip, you can look up a theme. They are down loadable in different formats.

www.togethertocelebrate.com.au – David MacGregor is a well known UCA songwritier in Queensland. We sing a few of his songs from time to time. He gives lectionary based suggestions for worship.

www.hollywoodjesus.com – A resource which helps identify useful film clips and complete films (both current and past) that can have some relevance to our understanding of faith. Check it out and see what they say about the new film – Horton Hears a Who.

www.laughingbird.net/WeeklyArchives.html – We have found this site useful as the readings are written in more modern down to earth language.

www.sermons4kids.com/hmartin.htm – This site has cartoon type pictures for some bible stories.

www.textweek.com – This has lectionary resources – lots of links to different sites, movie suggestions that fit with the theme, etc

www.home.alphalink.com.au/~nigel/index.htm – This is Bruce Prewer’s home page. He is a Uniting Church minister (retired) and has written books of prayers/poems. On this site you may find some of these linked to the lectionary readings.

www.vineresources.com – For those that do a teaching series from time to time and like free stuff. They have packaged a whole lot of their series graphics – including PowerPoint backgrounds, video loops, title image files – even countdowns, bumpers, and Photoshop files – and have made them available for download. Most themes are simple and based around only a word or two, such as ‘Dirty Laundry’, ‘Wake Up’, or ‘Connect’.

A great list of advent resources courtesy of Riverina Presytery.