Our church organ is an American built Aeolian pipe organ, which is over a century old, and one of the most significant such pipe organs in use on the Mornington Peninsula today. It once graced the notable Manyung mansion and was subsequently donated to our loving care by a former parishioner. It is almost unique in Victoria being of its specific type. When at full-playing capacity, it has amazing and varied tonal voices and sonority. It has had a major bellows restoration in 2021.

From the GAZETTEER OF VICTORIAN PIPE ORGANS by John Maidment, revised January 2019:

HIGH STREET UNITING (PRESBYTERIAN) CHURCH, High Street Frankston. B 1914 Aeolian Company, New York (opus1285); inst. present loc. 1939 Hill, Norman & Beard (o/n V121) from ‘Manyung’, Mount Eliza, residence of Dr McKeddie; reb 1958 Stephen Laurie; tonal altns 1972 Laurie Pipe Organs. 2m, 20spst, 6c, elpn. Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.8.4.II.

The organ is used during our Traditional services; a contemporary band provides the music for the Contemporary service.